Accepted: The A to Z Challenge.

If you look at the history of this blog, you will see more posts in past years than recently.    My life has changed a bit since I was posted many times a week or several times a month.  Recently I decided to get back to writing.  Its a forum to sound off when something bothers you, and maybe I can pick up some of my old readers.
While looking for inspiration, I found the A to Z Challenge.  That looks interesting.  Its a challenge to blog every day for the entire month of April.  The catch is, each day corresponds to a letter in the alphabet.  Taking Sundays off.  There are apparently several hundred bloggers jumping into this challenge.  I figured what a better way to get back to writing than facing a challenge.  Now many of the bloggers will have themes or subjects that they will address for the entire month.  I must admit, I just came across the challenge at 7 am this morning while preparing for church.  So I will have to free lance my way through the month without an underlying theme.  

So as a late comer to the game, “Bring it on”.  I am very interested in getting through this month.  I hope each of you enjoy my postings, and I might even through in a couple of extra postings throughout the month.  Just to keep you on your toes.  I am still struggling with the overall layout of the blog, so if you see a particular layout that looks good for, just let me know.  I am one who moderates my comments, so there may be a comment or two that takes a while to make it on the page, as long as you do not insult me or my family, or use to many dirty words, I will let it through.  Otherwise, it will just die in the “q”.


A.F.E. Smith said…
Welcome aboard, and good luck with the challenge! I only signed up today too - looks like there'll be plenty of us winging it together :-)
Anonymous said…
I only signed up today, too. I think it will be a great way to venture into new areas for my topics and also as a way to get me to write more.
Janyce said…
I just found out about this today, too. I'm new to blogging so this is really interesting. I'm having a blast. I also have a LOT to learn. :)
Lots of latecomers it seems...I only joined this past weekend. But glad to "meet" you thru this challenge. Hope it's just the inspiration you need!

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