Brought to you by the Letter E

This post is brought to you by the Letter "E". When as I child, I recall watching Sesame Street, and there was a section that always said, "This portion of the show is brought to you by the letter "ump-tea-squat". 

So we are now on the fifth day of our "expedition" through the A to Z challenge.  I frequently revisit the sign up list and click on several of the "entries" to find new blogs to follow.  I have "enjoyed" all the time I have spent surfing the different "entities".  I have not posted "enough" comments on different pages thus far.  A note here, A note there, however, many have been added to my bookmarks for further reading.  I will "endeavor" to produce more comments for our friends out in the blogosphere.

This space will continue to be a free-for-all challenge posting until I can "establish" a theme.  I might work on that this weekend.  It would appear many of the people participating in this challenge have established a theme, or at least have one for their blog. 

So all of you surfers coming here to check out the thoughts and adventures of Tronster, thanks.  I appreciate your time and attention.  Keep up the good work on the A to Z Challenge


a.eye said…
I love this challenge and the links to other blogs! I think there are so many, and so many various content areas that it is really amazing!

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