Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Driving.....DC Driving

Being a resident of the Washington DC metropolitan area has some good perks and some bad perks.  One of the bad perks is the traffic.  I am not going to tell you that I am the cat's meow when it comes to driving, but I do drive like an old man.  I obey the speed limits, for the most part, and the traffic laws.  I know what a solid white line means, do not cross, and generally follow that direction.

To say it is always the drivers fault would be oversimplifying things.  Have you ever listen to a traffic report in DC?  Father Hurley BLVD, the inner loop, the outer loop, 495/270 split.  Holy cow.  There is a 14th street bride, Key Bridge and about 4 others.  It is a very confusing area to learn.  So as new residents move into the area, they get lost.  Okay I get it.  But if you are on one of the bridges in the far right lane, there is a good chance you will not be turning right anytime soon.  By the way, days of thunder is not an acceptable drivers education movie.  There is no need to draft on our streets.  Don't think the VDOT should be left out of this post.  I believe there is a weekly meeting where there is a serious discussion on how to screw with the commuters on Thursday.  Really?  They put the "Left lane closed ahead" sign six flipping feet before they close the lane.  Then sit around and ponder why the traffic is so tanked up.  Its because there is no warning that the lane will end.  DUH

I try to be positive, but I had to put this little note out there, but to assist with our traffic whoas, I want to make a suggestion.  For one week, everyone should remember to let the guy into traffic from a merge lane. I think this would help out a lot.  One comedian once said, that merging is a personal challenge for drivers.  I can agree with that statement.

So readers, lets all have a good day of driving.  Be safe out there.

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S.J.Nija said...

Interesting post, I can relate to our Boston traffic here!

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