How did you get this name?

If you search for Tronster you will find there is another one out there on the Internet. I have checked out the other Tronster. Alas, this is about me, not the other.

I have written about my Navy years once, maybe twice, already. One thing I mention was the nicknames we give to each other.  It has to do with your personality and the personalities of the people you serve with in the military.  I was an electronics technician when I served.  Mainly working on radio communications equipment.  I was a pretty good technician.  (I like to think so anyway)  My first name shares a few of the letters.  They called me "Tronster".  All Electronic Technicians were referred  to as "twidgets".  I think its because we worked on all the widgets that did not belong to any other group on the ship.

I kept the nickname for years.  I am a little bit of a geek, but never really watched the movie "Tron".  I have seen the newest one, and it was pretty cool to watch. 

Some of my other nicknames, "Shade Tree",  I picked up towards the end of my service.  However, Tronster was the one that stuck.

Keep up the good work on the A to Z Challenge folks.


Tronster said…
This is the other Tronster ( ) ; would love to meet the one, other consistent Tronster on the internet. Hit me up, let's grab coffee; I think we're only a city or 2 away from each other.

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