Friday, April 13, 2012

Keeping up

The letter "K".  I decided to do a little not about keeping up.  You may think I am talking about the "Joneses" however, I am just referring to our little challenge here.  I have missed two days.  One due to pains and one due to brains.  A brain Fart.  I though I had completed this yesterday.  However, I now have two posts to make with the same amount of time I normally have for one.  Unlike some of the great writers in this challenge, I struggle.  Content, I have learned is the key to a successful blog.  Here I am without a plan, just trying to Keep UP.

I will continue to practice my skills and attempt to identify a theme before the end of this great challenge, until then, the great readers out there may have to put up with me just keeping up.

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