Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Lets talk about "I"

So I am following a couple of blogs, and it looks as if I am one letter behind.  I made all my posts.  however, it still appears I am behind.  Have no fear, I will catch up.  Today I am going to discuss the letter I. 

Invisible, irresistible, irrational, all begin with "I".  As I was thinking about a topic, I could not think of a single noun that began with "I".  Although, I am irresistible, I figure, besides me, my wife and my mom, there are few other people who would agree.  Then it hit me, I have been to Indonesia. 

A country of Islands located in the Pacific Ocean, with some lovely beaches.  I stayed in Bali for three days once on job I was working.  Funny thing is, there are a lot of earthquakes in that region, as I am sure many of you remember, and I was not in contact with my family because of the travel time.  My parent, who lived in South Carolina, had seen on the news there was a large earthquake in Indonesia, and naturally be cause I am irresistible, they were worried.  When I finally arranged for Internet access and got on a chat session with them, they asked about the earthquake.  Well, I had not heard a thing or felt anything.  It was about 600 miles from my location.

I was fine, and the time in Bali was great. 

Have a good day, and will talk about J a little later.

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