Friday, April 13, 2012

Life and living

NOVA is a great place to live.  My wife and I have made a life here and we love it.  There are always things to do so you can enjoy life.  There are lots of different cultures molded together in the area.  My wife is a Pinoy, and we visit many Asia type festivals and events.  We also enjoy the DC theaters, and the Parades,(Cherry Blossom Parade on Sat) and the museums.  She likes to take pictures with famous stuff, and I like to learn history.

Having time to live a life is another challenge each of us face.  Most people say there is a work life balance we should maintain.  Being in this area, there is a third leg to balance, that is transient.  It takes us at least 45 minutes to visit most of our friends.  30 minutes to go anywhere, so balancing work and life includes the journey to get there.  We take scenic routes many times just to see the leaves change color in the fall.  That way we can move through the city and enjoy the ride.

Have a great day.

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