Monday, April 16, 2012


Ever sit in such a manner when you go to get up, your leg is numb?  Happens to the best of us, happens to you and has happened to me.  I could be watching TV and the Wife asks, "Can you reach my phone", and I get up to get to the phone and stumble.  It was two steps and I was not prepared.  Extreme discomfort has occurred and I am on all fours.  Without a drink.  Most of the time I laugh.  I think it is due to lack of blood flowing to my legs.  Some special way I was sitting in the chair.

It can happen when we sleep.  You have you arm laying across your forehead, and in the middle of the night you are trying to remove an object from your face and you wake up and only to discover it is your other arm in the way.

Once on an international flight, I believe I was going to Frankfurt airport, and it happened to my leg.  I was asleep for about 3 hours with my legs crossed.  Ready to get off the plain, I stoop up  as soon as we landed, oh boy.  Lucky for me the seats are just wide apart enough to act as a walker.  Made my way far enough to get circulation moving before I got off the plain.

So next time you are stumbling around the house with a numb leg, think about ol' Tronster here in the interweb and come by and see what adventure has occurred.

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