Thursday, April 19, 2012


The Redskins are going to draft a quarterback this year.  I am not a Washington Redskins fan, however, I live in their market and they dominate the local sports programs.  I listen to the sports radio station everyday on my way home from work. I must say, the fans for the Redskins are loyal.  They believe that the Redskin will make it to the Superbowl every year.  This year is no different.  No matter who plays the position of Quarterback.

I find this to be an unrealistic goal.  The team has issues in several key position, and they are more than one player away from the playoffs.  I mus admit, it is fun to hear them talk about winning though.  I believe we should face everyday with the optimism of the Redskins fans.  Everyday when we wake up, we should expect to reach the Superbowl.  Now every football fan knows, it takes more than optimism to win.  You must work at it every game, every quarter, every series, and every down.  You must not quit.  If you give it your all and you don't make it today, you can get up in the morning and work towards it again.

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Jean said...

That's the beauty of the pro sports team off-season. The fans can entertain the fantasy that this is The Year. Their team leadership will make the right moves and their franchise will not only be viable, but they will actually win it all. That dream holds until at least the first game.

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Tronster said...


You are so right. I try to keep an even keel for such things, being a Jaguars fan, but I do keep the dream alive.

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