Friday, April 20, 2012


You might think this is about a sports team.  Maybe your thinking this is about an Army Unit.  It is not.  It is about the Ford Ranger.  According to everything I have read on Al Gore's amazing Internet, Ford has decided not to bring the international version of the truck to the USA and has stopped production of the Ranger as we know it.

A funny thing about the little Ford truck.  I had one in 1992, and I now own a 2000 model.  They are basically the same truck.  No major changes in the last 10 years.  Then Ford wonders why the Ranger sales numbers kept going down.  I for one can say, they lasted a very long time for the people who bought them.  My current 2000 has 90K miles, my 1992 had 105K miles when I traded it in.

The current argument I hear is that the Ford F150 now matches the mileage and price of the outgoing Ranger.  Well, that is just skippy.  The F150 is not as nimble as the small Ranger.  It is wider and longer in its base form than the Ranger was in its extended form.  There are many small companies out there that required the use of a small pick up truck, and the reliability of the Ranger was well known.  I guess now they have to by a Toyota or Nissan.

Come on Ford, gives us back the Ranger.

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Unknown said...

My husband has a 2004 Ranger edge 5 speed with a high body although it's not 4wheel drive. He loves it, everyone offers to buy it from him all the time it's a great little truck.

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