Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Things that make you say Ohh?

Going through life, I have discovered, I am always learning. Sometimes there are things we do not understand. Other times, there is stuff we knew, but was wrong.  Then there is that moment, we you learn something, and you go "ohh" that is how that works.

We all have this experience, some are more willing to admit it.  I grew up for the most part in North East Florida. (Go Jags).  In Florida, we have heat pumps.  I particular way to heat up your house on a cold day.  When I bought my first place in northern Virginia, I had a gas furnace.  During the winter my skin continued to dry out.  I was always "lubing up" with moisturizer every morning.  While discussing this with one of my northern colleagues at work, he explained how the gas furnace worked.  It it removes all the moisture out of the air.  This was a moment where I went "Ohhhh".  Then I bought a humidifier.

Have a great day and lets always learn something every day.

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