Saturday, April 28, 2012

X and Y

I purposely waited to do both the X and Y of the Challenge on the same day.  I wanted to talk about males and females.  The X and Y of life.  Being so far removed from high school biology I just completed the Internet search for a quick refresher. 

If you contain two "X" chromosomes,  you are a female.  If you have one of each, your a male.  So I guess all of us tough guys have a feminine side after all.

Call me a male chauvinistic pig if you like, but I believe we should take care of our women.  Give them what they ask for and make them happy.  Besides God, my wife is the most important thing in my life.  God brought us together, and I am the one you is to keep us together.  We are still young in our marriage, although we are not young.  But I work to keep us happy.  By that I mean I try to keep her happy, which makes me happy.

So as we travel through this life, remember this little bit of advice that my Dad gave to me on my wedding day a couple of years ago.  "If you want a happy life, keep a happy wife."  I am so blessed, because my wife is a happy person.  The "Double X" chromosome of my life.

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Jeremy Bates said...

You're dad said it well. I guess that's a great way of having a successful marriage as well.
Looking forward to letter "Z"

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