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Out of Order, or in this case, out of town.

This past week I was working in another town.  I had to travel to Slidell Louisiana.  Not because I had to work in Slidell, but I had an assignment in MS.  Which was right across the border. It was a couple of meetings with a few people.  The work was not that exciting, however, there was some interesting people at the hotel.  There was a TV crew, from SyFy and a nightmare investigator from Orlando Florida.  In addition, I met a guy from South Carolina.  He lived close to my parents and where my cousin lives.  Now parents live in an area where they pipe in the sunshine.  There is very little Internet connectivity, and it is very frustrating.  I never like to get on the Internet there because of the frustratingly slow  Internet.  This guy I met in Slidell Louisiana new the very town.  Go figure. This weekend the love of my life and I will be seeing "Battleship".  I am ready to see the movie.

The End of one Challange, the begining of the next

We have completed the month of April, A to Z Challenge.  I discovered the challenge at the end of March, and thought to myself, what a great concept.  I was able to keep up for most of the days, only having to play catch up for a couple. One of the great things was finding other blogs to read and follow.  I was not able to visit 5 new blogs a day, but i did visit on average 3. (Some days more, some days less) and I was able to find blogs to follow. The month of April was very exiting for me, having a busy time with the office, family challenges, and visitors from out of state.  That made the challenge a real challenge.  My goal was to find inspiration, design ideas and new friends to read.  I say friends, but until we share a cup of coffee discussing issues of today, you are really an acquittance.  I live a relatively boring life, and this is an escape to help me to improve my writing.  Therefore, I have resolved to continue writing here, and to share a few adventures and stories

A hearty Thank You

Thank you to all who came to my blog during the A to Z Challenge.  I had a great time and enjoyed reading many of the participating blogs.  I am going to keep this going for as long as I am able.  My goals now are to improve the site, and write better posts.  I will probably will not post every day, but there will be some better content, (at least I hope so) and there will be some longer and shorter posts.  I am an apple guy, and I will be posting from the iPhone with the Blogger app.  I have reservations because I am unable to moderate the comments effectively from that app.  That could be ignorance on my part, but it does allow me to post. Today is Friday, and Sunshine, (my loving wife) and I are going to have a great weekend.  The rain has soaked the yard and I should go ahead and cut the grass, but I will not.  I will suffer through cutting later next week.

Zoom Zoom

This month has sure flown by.  I must admit, I was late on (2) posts plus this one.  I want to thank everyone who had participated in the A to Z Challenge and I want to say , I had a great time. The original intent was for me to find more writers on the web, and idea for the page.  The time I have spent reading the different blogs has been well spent.  I appreciate all the people who have agreed to follow my blog, and I promise to keep updating it regularly.  Now that that 2012 challenge is behind us, I am looking forward to the next challenge.  Have a great day, and come back often. Tronster