Friday, May 04, 2012

A hearty Thank You

Thank you to all who came to my blog during the A to Z Challenge.  I had a great time and enjoyed reading many of the participating blogs.  I am going to keep this going for as long as I am able.  My goals now are to improve the site, and write better posts.  I will probably will not post every day, but there will be some better content, (at least I hope so) and there will be some longer and shorter posts. 

I am an apple guy, and I will be posting from the iPhone with the Blogger app.  I have reservations because I am unable to moderate the comments effectively from that app.  That could be ignorance on my part, but it does allow me to post.

Today is Friday, and Sunshine, (my loving wife) and I are going to have a great weekend.  The rain has soaked the yard and I should go ahead and cut the grass, but I will not.  I will suffer through cutting later next week.

1 comment:

Francene Stanley said...

So funny when you said you were an apple guy. A picture came to mind of an orchard and the ripe smell of apples. Well cone for finishing the challenge.

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