Friday, May 18, 2012

Out of Order, or in this case, out of town.

This past week I was working in another town.  I had to travel to Slidell Louisiana.  Not because I had to work in Slidell, but I had an assignment in MS.  Which was right across the border. It was a couple of meetings with a few people.  The work was not that exciting, however, there was some interesting people at the hotel.  There was a TV crew, from SyFy and a nightmare investigator from Orlando Florida.  In addition, I met a guy from South Carolina.  He lived close to my parents and where my cousin lives. 

Now parents live in an area where they pipe in the sunshine.  There is very little Internet connectivity, and it is very frustrating.  I never like to get on the Internet there because of the frustratingly slow  Internet.  This guy I met in Slidell Louisiana new the very town.  Go figure.

This weekend the love of my life and I will be seeing "Battleship".  I am ready to see the movie.

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