Saturday, June 09, 2012

Weekends are for?

Good Saturday morning to all you out there on the interweb.

What are weekends for?  I think about this a lot.  When I was a younger man, they were for fixing up the house, cleaning and organizing, and preparing for the next week.  Now that I am a little older, both my wife and I work full time plus, I think that has changed.  We now use the weekend to recharge.  But recharging sometimes means that all the chores have to be done after work during the week.  That is the bummer factor.  It takes me an hour to get home after work.  Which is convenient, because that is about the time dinner is ready.  After supper, I am not ready to much of anything.  the result?  A yard needs trimming, gutters need to be cleaned, and squirrels need to be evicted from my shed.  Regardless, the wife and I will be "Party Hopping" this weekend.  We have two birthday parties and the Pac-Man fight to watch.  Do any of the hosts live within an hours drive of one another? Nooooooo!!

Reminds me of the orange juice commercial that was on TV a few weeks ago.  The main character of the is having his status meeting in the morning before starting, and it is always bad news.  Today I will throw your paper in the bushes, you will get a flat, and your presentation will be lost due to computer malfunction.  The response?  I have had my orange juice, bring it on. So, as I sit here, drinking my orange juice, I say, "Bring it on"

Saturday, June 02, 2012

Summer time, Vacations and Fun

As a long weekend approaches northern Virginia, Sunshine and I had determined to take a little vacation from all the hustle and bustle of the area.  We made plans to travel to a far off country and see other cultures.  This past weekend that culture was Canada.  Okay Okay, I know what your thinking, that is not a far off country or an exotic culture.  That may be true, but it the country right next to Niagara Falls.  So on a coll morning, we loaded up the Lincoln with clothes luggage, snacks, and a Tom Tom, and off to Niagara Falls.  Our decision decision drive was made by comparing the air fare and airport time to driving.

We set out on Saturday Morning.  Waiting until the traffic died down really helps with the stress level associated with long weekends and Washington DC.  Our journey was through the hills of West Virginia, up to Pennsylvania, and over to New York.

 We arrive in Niagara on Saturday, and tour the American Side.  My co-pilot, Sunshine, was able to nap off and on for most part of the 7 and half hour drive.  Needless to say, she was a ball of energy when we arrived. 

On the bridge between the two countries, here is the border sign.  To drive into Canada, the toll for the bridge was 3.25.  When you walk back to the USA, it is 50 cents.

Enjoy the weekend.