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Vacation Review: Crazy Horse

During our guided tour of South Dakota, we visited the Crazy Horse Memorial.  What a great place.  I never knew it existed.  This memorial has not received federal or state funding. Go to this website for more information. My wife and I were touched by the story of the memorial.  The story of Crazy Horse and the story of the builder.  Korczak Ziolkowski worked on the memorial for 36 years.  This is a must see if you are ever in the black hills.

Vacation Review: South Dakota Water Falls

 During our little trip to South Dakota, we visited many area that had water falls.  It was a warm and muggy day.  When we visited the falls in the picture to the right, the temperature would drop 10 degrees as we walked down the trail.  Our tour guide, who has been married for about 30 years.  As he was explaining that he had walked to the falls when they were dating, and how he could walk along the wall and have their picture taken under the falls.  Now they have a boardwalk, which allows more people to visit the falls, however, we can not walk down to the water any longer. During exploration for gold or some other precious metal, the mining company hit an underground water source.  So they may not have found gold, but they have been taking money from tourist ever since.  I do recall the name of this place.  Thunderhead falls. We must have visited 15 different falls, driving through the mountains.  I have been to Niagara Falls, Great Falls (MD and VA) and to the tallest fall

Vacation Review: Mt Rushmore

A recent trip to South Dakota, my wife and I, along with some old and new friends, visited Mt. Rushmore.  It was a magnificent view.  The work involved in creating such a monument. There are four presidents on this monument.  I never knew them by memory, however, looking at it a could identify each head.  However I never knew why each of the presidents were chosen. President Washington, our first president was chosen for the theme of the "Birth" of a nation. President Thomas Jefferson, was chosen for the Louisiana Purchase and the theme "Expansion" of a nation. President Theodore Roosevelt, was chosen for theme of "Development" with the Panama Canal, National Parks and other acts. Abraham Lincoln was chosen for the theme of "Preservation", credited with saving the Union. This monument cost less then a million dollars to build. (Who knew) It was finished sometime in 1941. This should be on the bucket list for all Americans.

Lost on Vacation

Okay, I am a tech guy.  I work as network engineer, IT Project manager and "other duties as assigned" regardless of my professional persuasion, I am not a fan of the Blogger iPhone or iPad applications.  It is extremely difficult to draft a post and difficult to manage comments. So now I have to catch all you fans up with what has been going on.  First, I will post about our trip to South Dakota.  Then I will discuss our little family reunion in Orlando. Then our home was in the path of the recent derecho in virginia.  This is a new term for me.  Apparently a derecho is a land based hurricane. Many of my neighbors experienced long power outages.  Personally, I was only with out power for about twelve hours.  Not without discomfort.  I had some family coming into town to visit.  The last three times family has visited my home, we have had some sort of severe weather.  An earthquake, snow storm and now a Derecho.  We have decided to force my family members to first acquire