Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Lost on Vacation

Okay, I am a tech guy.  I work as network engineer, IT Project manager and "other duties as assigned" regardless of my professional persuasion, I am not a fan of the Blogger iPhone or iPad applications.  It is extremely difficult to draft a post and difficult to manage comments.

So now I have to catch all you fans up with what has been going on.  First, I will post about our trip to South Dakota.  Then I will discuss our little family reunion in Orlando. Then our home was in the path of the recent derecho in virginia.  This is a new term for me.  Apparently a derecho is a land based hurricane.

Many of my neighbors experienced long power outages.  Personally, I was only with out power for about twelve hours.  Not without discomfort.  I had some family coming into town to visit.  The last three times family has visited my home, we have had some sort of severe weather.  An earthquake, snow storm and now a Derecho.  We have decided to force my family members to first acquire a letter from the National Weather Service indicating there is no immediate danger of a weather event during the duration of the visit.  I am going to try and protect my neighbors from further discomfort during the next visit.

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Rob-bear said...

This travelogue plan of yours will give Bear (and others) a chance to get to know you better. This is good.

While I understand the science behind "derecho," I still think the better word, the more descriptive word, would be "drencho."

But what does a Bear know about the things?

Thanks for visiting my blog.

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