More Updates coming

I have been extremely busy this past week.  We are swamped at the office and personal business has taken me on the road the last two weekends in a row.

I have been checking a few of the bloggers who have left comments.  I greatly appreciate the feedback. There will be more vacation updates soon. So keep coming back. I have a few more to share from the Dakota's and then some from Orlando.

Our travel for personal business was not as much fun.  We have a property that needed a little love.  I think I lost 10 pounds in water.  Drove from NOVA to East Tenn for 8 hours, then worked on a house for the rest of the day.

I do not know about the rest of you, but if i do not have satellite radio, I just assume ride without the radio.  Since sunshine falls asleep within ten minutes of departure, I can be alone with my thoughts.  You would think with 8 hours on the road I could think up some good ideas for this blog.

So keep coming back and checking out the posts.


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