Friday, August 24, 2012

New Equipment

It has busy this past week or so.  Parents of Tronster were visiting in the DC area.  Its always fun and I enjoy the company.  Sunshine (My Wife) works way to hard when my family visits.  She works really hard cleaning the house and getting everything together for the family.  She never takes a break.  Sunshine did many things, but one of the best was setting up a party for my father and I for our birthday.  We were able to throw a birthday party for my Dad with his oldest friend in attendance.  It was a great success.  Thank you Sunshine.

In addition to the party for my Dad, my birthday was a few days away, and the party was fir me too.  It was awesome.  I got a new MACBOOK AIR.  As a matter of fact I am blogging from the couch right now with the new Air.

Completely awesome.

Thanks to Sunshine  

1 comment:

Tronster said...

Congrats on the new MBA. I saved for 2+ years for the latest MBP and it's super slick. Love the long battery life. Keep it tight in D.C.

- The "Baltimore" Tronster

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