Monday, August 13, 2012

Talking about work

As I have stated in a few posts, my wife and I both work.  I enjoy my job, most of the time.  One of the things I like to do to handle stresses associated with work is to read words of encouragement or famous quotes that I can apply to myself to improve my attitude.  A few months back a picked up a book called  Wise Words and Quotes by Vern McLellan.  Oddly enough I picked it up at a grocery store.

So tonight, while listening to the Monday Night Football game, I picked up the book and looked for some wise words.  Everyone's life is faced with challenges.  I face challenges, my wife faces challenges, my parents, friends and even some fo you, all face challenges.

So one of the wise words:

     The right angle to approach a difficult problem, is the "try-angle".

Most of the quotes in the book are accredited, however, this one is not.  I am sitting here thinking about some of the challenges I face, and I think this is a good way to approach problems.

I am a supervisor, I have supervised between 3 and 12 people in my short time as a manager.  I have been approached from my team members with the term "We have a problem" and I correct them, "we have a challenge"  We can either raise to the challenge or we can call it quits.  Will we always be successful? Most likely not.  However, you will learn something.  When you are successful, you will feel a since of accomplishment.  I personally believe that the problems we face are better listed as challenges.  At what angel should we approach are problems?  From the "try-angle"

I hope this litte bit is helpful in some small way to each you.  Sharing this little rant about how I want to proceed forward facing my challenges, maybe you can find some words of encouragement as well.

Have a great night, and lets get ready for some football.

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