Thursday, August 09, 2012

Vacation Review: Needle Highway

South Dakota is a great place to Visit.  One of the scenic highways you should take is the Needle Highway.  At least that is what my google search turned up as the name.  Our tour guide and his wife and Sunshine and I set out for an adventure.

We drove through the highway, and came to a spot to stop.  "The Needle" extends up to the sky and is shaped like a sewing needle.  There is a small area to park, holds about 15 cars, 40 or so motorcycles.   When we were there, it was a cool day and there were about 10 motorcycles and a few cars.

Along with the cars and other adventurers, they were holding a mountain climbing class on the peak you see in the pictures.  No worries all you Tronster Fans, I was not enrolled in that particular class.  To the right, you might be able to see the climbers on the side of the rock.

Driving this route requires you to pass through a few one way lanes.  These roads run through the mountains. Some of the tunnels are very narrow.

As we are packing up to move on down the road, we look around and see what lays ahead and we see this one way route.  It takes a few minutes to back out of our parking space to allow another adventurer to park and observe the wonderful sites.

There is a BUS in the way.  So now that we got out of our parking spot, we have to back up to allow the tour bus through.  Then we have to tell all the other traffic to wait a minute for a BUS to come through.  A BUS.  Once the drive skillfully got through, he rolls down his window and asks, "Is this the way to Mount Rushmore?"

Priceless, and well played sir.

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