Saturday, September 15, 2012

Election Time

Although I do like to follow politics, I hate election time.  Gone are the days of new funny commercials advertising some service or product, here are the "that guy is a crook" or "this guy is not good for _____" fill in the blank.  I guess it is one of the challenges as Americans to wade through all of the political messages and determine in our own minds who will serve our country the best.  I try to stay aways from politics as much as possible.  Do some research on each candidate, give credit and blame where it is due, and then place my vote. Whoever you are supporting this upcoming election, remember many of our fellow Americans have died to give us the right to choose who will be our leader.  So go out and vote.  Don't forget, your live is typically effected more by your local leaders than your national leaders.  So pay attention to those who will be closest to you for the next few years.  They are the ones who write the zoning laws, the local traffic laws and policy.

On the lighter side.  People who switch to Gieco sure are happy.  How happy are they?  Happier than a bodybuilder directing traffic.  That is a great commercial.

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