Monday, September 17, 2012

Football is here!

I like football.  I follow two pro teams.  The Jacksonville Jaguars and the Dallas Cowboys.  I grew up as a Cowboys fan and when Jacksonville got a team, I started following them.  I am still a fan football.  The NFL needs to make up nice with the refs.

The replacement guys were not perfect the first week.  But they were not poor either.  This week the officiating sucked.  I mean they were terrible.  I believe on the first week they made some mistakes, but this week they blew calls over the place.  I watched three games this weekend, the Redskins, The Ravens and the Steelers.  Each of the games had issues with the officials.  In the Redskins Game, they call a personal foul for a hit on the quarterback out of bounds.  The only problem with the call, he was in bounds.  To quote Monday Night Football, "C'mon Man"

It is time the NFL and the officials come together.  Figure out your differences and get it together.  The game is suffering.  The quality of your brand and of your product is decreasing.  The games take longer and the calls are not consistant across the board.

Thats my 2 cents.

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