Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Funny Traffic Signs

I am sure everyone out there has passed by a sign or two that was out of place.  For instance, when I was driving to work today, I am on a two lane road that narrows to one lane.  It leads into a neighborhood and is a cut through.  I am barely moving, riding the brake, and a look off to the side of the road and there is a sign that say "Reduce speed ahead"  Really, we are going to park up the road a little bit?

Another great sign that is out of place.  Driving down a road that has been recently paved and you feel a thunk thunk as you reach the part of the road they have not worked on yet.  Look to your right, and you will see a sign that says "Bump".  Could you please place the sign BEFORE you bounce out of your seat or knock you car out of alignment.

Some of my favorites are on busy interstates.  They say something about an intersection or exit 15 miles ahead, should take 15 min.  Is that a challenge?  Or when you drive past it and it says 15 miles, 45 minutes.  That one always make me think, uh boy.

Have a great night.

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