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Pizza, Burgers or Fried Chicken

On my way home the other day, the radio station was asking questions of their listeners/guests.  I found it very very interesting for the topic. If there was one of the following foods that could be made good for you, which would you pick? 1. Pizza 2. Burgers 3. Fried Chicken Pizza Oh how I love a good pizza.  I can deal with the Pizza from the delivery companies, and I have my favorites from them. (I am talking about Pizza Hut, Dominoes, and Papa John's)  But I prefer the pizza from the Italian places, or from a few local joints.  One of my favorites is the all cheese pizza with hot sauce.  One of our local establishments makes a four cheese pizza, they bake it with olive oil, and it is square.  Why?  Because they don't cut corners.  The sauce is a little sweet, which turns some people off, but they will put bacon on any pizza.  And we all know that everything is better with bacon. Burgers For me its more about cheese burgers.  I must say again, that the burg

Road Trip

Okay, Okay, I know my last post was little on the side of politics.  I try to avoid that, just because i don't want to have to deal with it all the time. So, back to the general stuff. This past three day weekend, Sunshine and I took a little road trip to celebrate her birthday.  She has many great friends there and it has been a couple of years.  Oh the joy the fun, and the food. Oh my lord, the food. As we wake, early on Saturday morning, the sun is not up yet.  It is chilly, and there would appear to be a threat of rain/winter mix.  Sunshine had packed our things a couple of days before.  We fixed ourself some breakfast, loaded the car and headed out.  It is still dark, Sunshine snuggles in to her seat, I tune the radio to the news station.  We head for the interstate.  It is two turns and twenty miles, then we are on the interstate, heading west.  The sun starts to come up behind us, not too bright, because of the cloud cover.  It is an eight hour journey to out destinati

Three reasons why raising the minimum wage is a Bad idea.

I am going to throw my hat into the political commentary here for just a minute.  It has recently been suggested the federal minimum wage should be raised to $9.00 an hour, which is $18,720 annually working 40 hours a week.  That is not very much money to live on, or support a family.  The current minimum wage is $7.25($15,080) an hour for nonexempt employees.  This is a 25% increase.  This may seem great, unless you dig deeper into the affects this will have on living. This brings me to my first reason why raising the minimum wage is a bad idea.  The cost of living for everyone else goes up.  There is also an increase in the cost the employer has to pay. Remember, the employer matches the Social Security and Medicare taxes taken out of your paycheck. (I believe it is referred to as FICA)  This is 7.65%. or at $7.25 an hour, FICA is 55 cents an hour.(or 1100.00 a year).  Then at $9.00 an hour it would be 69 cents an hour (or $1400 a year).  This will raise the cost