Thursday, February 07, 2013

How would you answer?

There are several little phrases that I like to use that seem to make people laugh.  I have decided to share them with you, the reader, who might need an intellectual break from reality today.  This is one of the warm up posts for the upcoming A to Z Challenge.

Q:  How are you?
My Answer:  Finer than frog’s hair.  That’s pretty darn fine.

Q: Do you want some Ice cream?

My Answer:  Really depends on the mood, I could respond with “Does a fat puppy poop?” or “Does a bear crap in the woods?”

Q:  Is it raining outside?

My Answer:  Like a cow peeing on a flat rock.

Q:  Does it have a lot of miles? (normally some one referring to my old truck)

My Answer:  Not compared to the space shuttle.

Q:  Is that very difficult?

My Answer:  Like herding cats.

Just a few of the sarcastic comebacks I have for my friends and co-workers.  I pick them up from movies or other friends.  But these always get reactions.  Some good some bad, many “what did you say?”

Moving right along, enjoy the evening and come back again.

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