Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Road Trip

Okay, Okay, I know my last post was little on the side of politics.  I try to avoid that, just because i don't want to have to deal with it all the time.

So, back to the general stuff.

This past three day weekend, Sunshine and I took a little road trip to celebrate her birthday.  She has many great friends there and it has been a couple of years.  Oh the joy the fun, and the food. Oh my lord, the food.

As we wake, early on Saturday morning, the sun is not up yet.  It is chilly, and there would appear to be a threat of rain/winter mix.  Sunshine had packed our things a couple of days before.  We fixed ourself some breakfast, loaded the car and headed out.  It is still dark, Sunshine snuggles in to her seat, I tune the radio to the news station.  We head for the interstate.  It is two turns and twenty miles, then we are on the interstate, heading west.  The sun starts to come up behind us, not too bright, because of the cloud cover.  It is an eight hour journey to out destination.  To visit our Grandson and celebrate the previously mention birthday.

In the higher elevations, there is snow on the ground, but not the road.  Then it starts to snow.  Which looks like we could be in for a rough ride.  The temperature has dropped a few degrees.  However, the snow stops.  No worries, we carry on.

We enter the fine state of Tennessee right on schedule.  The only difficulty we had on the southern trip, finding a place for lunch.  We decided at about 12:15 we would stop at the next food place.  It was 45 minutes before we found an exit with food at the exit.  Oh there are a couple exits that say there is food at the exit.  Then you get off the interstate, it is 3 to 5 miles to the food establishment.  Well, that won't work for us.  The only challenge we face.

We arrived at our destination in time to take a little nap before we leave for the party.  When we arrived at the Party House, there were several old friends.  We spend a couple of hours discussing modern events and Volunteer basketball.  There were additional friends celebrating birthdays that day, gifts were exchange and fun was had by all.

We returned to Virginia to a cold front.  No snow, which was predicted by our crack weather staff here in town.

Have you ever noticed, returning home is always quicker than going somewhere?

Its always good to be home.

Take a trip every once and while, and enjoy your life.

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