Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Valentine's Day at Casa de Tronster

This may seem like a cheesy post this time of year.  But I love my wife, she is my everything and I always call her my Sunshine.   So cheesy post for all of you to read.

 Sunshine and I do everything together.  Which makes it difficult to surprise her on special days.  So I had to think long and hard to make it a special morning.  The morning of Valentines Day.

Mornings at Casa de Tronster are not all that out of the ordinary.  I normally get up about 5 minutes before Sunshine.  I turn on the space heater in the bathroom and go make coffee.  Sunshine gets up and starts her breakfast and goes to take a shower.

Now back to all that time we spend together.  I had to order her gift online and had it delivered to the office.  It was late on Feb 13th, I had to stay at the office about 30 extra minutes.  I hid the gift in my car, so she could not see it before I gave it to her.

Valentine morning...

I took a heart print table cloth, and the gift and placed it on table.  I then spread rose petals on the table and the floor.

Sunshine comes out and tries to start picking up the petals Then she notices the table.

Score a good day for Tronster.

When you love someone it is important to tell them everyday.  Not just on Valentine's day.  The box is full of Chocolate covered strawberries.  When we first started dating she said to me, "I don't like flowers, I can't wear them or eat them."

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