Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Welcome back from Christmas Vacation

What a time of year.  I love Christmas.  My wife asked me to do so many things that I just now caught up.  In addition for the New Year, I was taking a break.  The break is now over and I am preparing for the A to Z Challenge in April.  Yes, I must start now.  Why?  Well if I do not, I will not be able to make all the entries required.  I am not like most of the people of the blog event.  I am not aspiring to be a writer.  I am practicing my typing and writing skills to improve myself at work.  Tell stories, relate events I have lived through and so on.  My posts are generally shorter than most you will read on the web.  I am a general-purpose blogger.  There is no real theme or anything to my blog posts.  I do try to make them interesting.  I might even begin talking about politics at some point, because I do have some strong feelings there.  Unfortunately, most people who read and comment on politics cannot just address the issues if they disagree; they call out names and such.  Regardless we wills ee how this year goes.

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