Friday, April 05, 2013

"E" Explore

This will be a slightly shorter post for the challenge. I am planning in sharing the explorations I have completed through out the challenge. This past week and half has been a challenge for me to keep up.

Here I will say that we should all explore the world we live in. Check out the local parks and sites in your area and share them with you guests. Most of the places I have been have been related to work. The rest have been road trips and vacations my wife and I take. Don't be afraid. Explore your world.

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Jessica Ferguson said...

Looking forward to exploring with you. My husband and I used to take many little day trips when we first moved to Louisiana. Drove down to the very tip of the boot once. Now that we're in Oklahoma (temporarily) we've explored some of the college towns around us. Each state in our country has so much beauty and individuality.

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