Monday, April 15, 2013

"M"-Monte Carlo

A couple of years back, after saving a couple nickels to rub together, my Sunshine and I decided to take a western Mediterranean Cruise.  One of the ports we hit was the Port of Monaco in Monte Carlo.  This is a great place to visit for movie buffs, and history buffs alike.  Iron Man has had a scene done here, and I am fairly certain there has been a few scenes in different James Bond flicks.

I am neither Tony Stark or James Bond, but I can appreciate a beautiful location.

 Monte Carlo was founded in 1866 and names for the prince Charles III of Monaco.  The city is located at the base of the Maritime Alps.  The are is pleasant and there is lot of stuff to see and do.  If you like to gamble, you can go to the world famous Casino and try your luck.  Sunshine and I had signed up for a short excursion to the top of the hill to witness the changing of the guard at the Royal Palace and a tour of the Palace as well.

The bus ride to the top of the hill is well worth the price, seeing as this was our first stop on the cruise, and we slept in a little bit and darn near missed the "Tour Group umty squat meet in the lobby" call that morning.  We loaded on the bus with our fellow explorers and off we went.  While on the ascent the tour guide informs us we can be dropped off half way down the hill for further township exploration before the ship leaves.  Sunshine ans I discuss this option and say, that will be great.

After touring the Palace and seeing the sites there, we headed back towards to port.  There we can see the area where the Formula 1, Monaco Grand Prix.  Walk along the docks and see a bunch of yachts.  Just to be clear, it is almost always easier to walk down a hill that to walk up one.

We stopped a local market, like 7 eleven, and picked up a couple of supplies for the stateroom back on the boat, and then had a quick lunch at the Hard Rock Cafe.  Headed back to the ship for dinner and a show.

If you are stopping by from the A to Z Challenge, welcome and take a look around.  We appreciate all the visitors we get.


Madeline Mora-Summonte said...

Sounds like a good time! :)

Happy A-Z!

Tronster said...

Really Good time. I would suggest this cruise to anyone who asks.


Jemima Pett said...

Never been as far as Monte Carlo but have been to the French coast between Toulon and Nice a few times. It's a lovely area.
Easier to get to if you're starting from the UK, of course!
Happy A to Z-ing!
Jemima at Jemima's blog

Anonymous said...

What a cool theme. I've never been to the Mediterranean. Definitely on my list.

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