Tuesday, April 16, 2013

"N"-Nafplio Greece

If you have been following the blog, you may have realized, Sunshine and I have recently returned from an adventure in Greece.  It was a 7 day trip and we were concentrated out of Athens.  On the weekend, our hosts took us on a little road trip, about 2 hours from Athens, to the Port City of Nafplio.  It is an old city in the Peloponnese area.

Most of the old town is a peninsula jutting into the Argolic Gulf.  This particular city seems to be a place where a lot of greeks go to take a relaxing get away.  I think because of its easy access and inexpensive hotel rooms.  We were able to get a room with a view of the inlet for 60 euros.   The inlet has a fort/castle names the Bourtzi.  This little island has a restaurant, however, it was closed while we were visiting.  The area also has a castle on top of the hill called Palamidi.  That fort/castle whatever was used as a prison as recently as 1800s.  Because of its natural fortifications, and the location, it was a stronghold of the Ottoman Empire.

The view from Palamidi of the old town is breathtaking. There are squares and shops to walk around and tour.  Many Cafes for a stop of coffee and a bite to eat.  Seafood is abundant in these eateries.

Another great place stop if you ever find yourself in Greece, and a great get away from Athens.

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