Friday, April 19, 2013

"Q"- Queen

This was a difficult letter for me on this challenge.  I have not been to a place with a "Q" start.  I know they exist.  There is Queensland, Quebec, Qatar, and I am sure a few I have missed.

I could have talked about "Quick Trips".  Places close to home that Sunshine and I have gone too.  There is Great Falls, Mt Vernon, The Smithsonian, and many other locations.  I must say I will skip the places with "Q" names.

Although I have never been in the presence of the Queen of any country, although Sunshine is the Queen of my heart. I have seen the princess of Thailand once.

No, I am going to talk about a "Quick Trip" we took when we were in Ft Lauderdale FL.

It was on the Jungle Queen IV.  basically it is a dinner cruise through the waterways of Ft Lauderdale.  They take a route and share some information about the city and the homes you may pass by when you cruising.  Sunshine and I had such a great time.  The serve a dinner, which is okay at best, but the environment is fun. They claim the island they are taking you too are isolated and loaded with exotic animals.  We saw some birds and a few others.  Then there is show after dinner and then they drive you back to the pier.

A great time was had by most of the people of the little boat.

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loverofwords said...

This is another experience I would enjoy -- thinking about Mark Twain. Will add to my list.

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