"T" - Thailand

Oh my, Oh my.  This challenge is going by fast.  I have been late on my daily posts because of a slight technical difficulty.  Have no fear, I have another great and exciting place to talk about.  This time it is in Thailand.

My visit to Thailand included a layover for two days in Bangkok, but many people visit that city, I was in Chiang Mai.  The city is not as big as Bangkok, but a very busy city.  It is the largest city in the northern part of the country.  They host an annual water party, where everyone gets wet.  According to WIKIPEDIA, 4 or 5 million or so tourist visit the city every year.  news to me.  Regardless, about 15 km outside of the city is the Wat Phrathat Doi Suthep.  Its a temple located on top of mountain by the same name. 
To get to the temple, you have to climb 309 steps from the parking area. If you get a stop right next to the steps.  Not likely.  Once you reach top, even if you are not a Buddhist, you can appreciate the beauty of the temple.  As an evangelical Christian, I was a little uncomfortable visiting on Easter, however, it was my only day off on the trip.  The site requests that you dress appropriately fo r the temple.  If you are in shorts or something, they can provide you with a wrap so you can look like a monk when entering the holy places.

I had a really great time in the city.  I also saw a traffic jam because of an elephant.  That was pretty cool.  Every night the street my hotel was on, turned into a market. You could buy anything from knives to sheets on that street.  

Keep up the exploring friends.  We will see you tomorrow.


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