Thursday, April 25, 2013

"V" - Vacation

While I was growing up, we never took real vacations.  We would go and visit my grandparents and one time, my grandparents took my Disney as a kid.  However, we never went far from home.  When I started working, I never really took vacations other than to visit family.  Because that is what I know from growing up.  However, once I met Sunshine, all that changes.  We have taken a major vacation every year since we were married. (Once before)  Now we look for opportunities for vacations.

So I wanted to share a few idea with you all for vacation suggestions.

Disney is always fun, for kids of all ages.  It is important to realize, that the Disney corporations is proud of everything they offer.  However, the customer service is excellant.  They will take care of you.  They also offer many options.  Shop around.

Plan a weekend away from home, and drive a couple hours and get a hotel room.  Call it a Road Trip Weekend.  We like will drive about 5 hours to hit a weekend trip.  Three day weekends are easy for time off from a government job, but usually the tourist sites are also busy.  So take a Monday some time and extend a weekend.

So let me tell you some of our weekend trips.  Niagara Falls, Toronto (NHL Hall of Fame), Baltimore for a baseball game and a tour of the old city.  If you are in the Midwest, there are a huge amount of national parks and state parks to visit.  Mount Rushmore was one of my favorite stops, so was the Bison sighting.

If you are close to a beach, an early or late season trip to the beach could be just the thing for a vacation.

The Challenge is moving forward and we are almost to the finish line.

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