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The Cicadas are coming!! The Cicadas are coming!!

The Cicada is an insect that is pretty large and has wings.  The east coast of the United States is about to be hit with a wave of cicadas from a Brood II infestation(?).  Apparently there are two prominent types of cicadas.  The ones that live underground for two to eight years and the ones that live underground for seventeen years.  This is the year of the coming of the seventeen year breed. Now it is rumored these guys will be in the millions this coming week. (Maybe next week).  According to the all knowing Wikipedia  these little guys only live about 4 to 6 weeks after maturing to the adult version. I am no expert on insects.  I do not pretend to know all that much.  That is why a wanted a little more information on these critters to make sure there was no danger for me or my family. Turns out they are pretty much harmless.  To humans anyway.  The female will crack open a tree limb or two and plant thousands of new eggs for 2030.  I am sure I don't want to see them

Air Boat Rides!!!!

If you are on a trip to south Florida, the Everglades are place to stop.  The landscape is majestic and different from just about anything you can see anywhere else in the world.  There are wetlands everywhere, but the Everglades are awesome.  In the tradition of things to do when you are on vacation, an airboat should be on that list. I had the opportunity to visit the Florida Everglades in Coopertown, FL. We woke up early on Saturday and hit the road heading south on I75.  Florida uses lanes that have tolls without toll booths.  I believe they called them "Hot Lanes"  Apparently they take photos of your license plate and send you a bill if you do not have an EZPASS device. Regardless, we arrived at the airboat ride establishment at a good hour.  They had been open for about an hour, but there was no traffic.  Our group was big enough for a small boat.  (The boat could hold 8 and there were 5 of us)  They have larger boats for bigger groups, however, our was a goo

Planning for Summer 2013

Welcome back to The A to Z Challenge is over for 2013.  I had such a great time and enjoyed reading several of the blogs I had not seen before.  I have been on break for a couple weeks.  We had an extremely busy work week and I was just plain tired afterwards and did not have the opportunity to update the blog. The challenge concentrated a lot on the adventures of Tronster, and I have decided to stick to that philosophy.  If we get into my thoughts, that could be a long dark trip and professional help maybe required to recover. In that case, I will continue to talk about some of my adventures. Sunshine and I are planning our summer vacations at this time.  We have so far identified Dollywood, Lake something or another in Canada and the Baseball hall of fame.  I also think one weekend we are going to go Monticello.  Other road trips will include visiting friends and family in South Carolina, Tennessee and Ohio.

Survival- Reflections of the 2013 A to Z challenge

This past month has been very good for  I personally started the challenge last year and missed two days.  This year, I was better prepared.  When I knew I would not be able to get online and update a post I did them in advance.  A great way to complete the challenge.  In addition, I talked about something I have a lot of experience about.  I also began to add more photographs.  There was even one day when I changed the layout on my blog. (Incidentally, I might be changing it again soon) I also found many blogs to follow.  I have added them to my bookmarks.  I see many great posts on the challenge this year.  Here is a list of a few that I enjoyed.  There are many more, but I haven't got them all posted in my bookmarks yet to share. Kat In Africa       Adventuring At Home     A Passion and a Passport     Traveling Suitcase Most of these focused on similar topics as mine.  Traveling. Even last year's challenge presented me with several that I follow.  Th