Sunday, July 14, 2013

This is a test. A test of the blogger iPhone app.

As a test of the iPhone app, I figured I would try to post something from my phone. We shall see if this works and try to determine if this is a viable option for adding content to this great blog. 

Thursday I took one of my vehicles in for the annual safety and bi-annual emissions I am subject to as a resident of the DC metro area.  On Thursday the great truck I drive back and forth to the hardware store failed its safety inspection.  Why?  Because of the light "behind the camper" is out. Really?  That is why you are going to fail this great truck that has served me so well?  Wonderful. Can you fix it?  Seems like a reasonable request. Oh no, we would have to remove the camper to perform that repair. Great. Now I have this great bug red sticker that says rejected. 

On the way home I pick up the required lamps. The plan is to fix this travesty on Friday. Lord knows I do not want my burn out light (behind the camper) to cause any problems. 

Today I returned to the inspection sight and got the proper documentation to allow tronster's truck to keep on trucking. I did have to wait until the inspectors lunch break was over.  A condition the only other guy at the station was unaware of. 

Inspect your vehicles early. 

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Tronster said...

Just a quick update. I have replaced the light "behind the camper" and all is good. I am legal again for another year. Now all I have to do is place the stickers on the plate.

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