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Jakarta Drive Through Zoo.

There are always adventures at a zoo! The Jakarta zoo has a drive through area where you can see some dangerous carnivores. There are a few international visitors to the zoo, and they wanted to make sure no one is injured due to not thinking.  Putting up signs in the local language would not be good enough.  (Or it did not work in the past).  So they painted big signs with advice.  Lions will eat people as much as a gazelle.  The king of the jungle will catch you if you run.  So this was one of the signs as we entered into the area that was housing the lions.  I thought this was a great idea.  I read about once a year or so as to how someone has been eaten by a hungry lion, tiger or bear in some reserve or refuge for big hunters.  They may not have this sign in the zoo you are going to, but it is still relevant no matter what zoo or wildlife venture you participate. It was a warm day when my friends and I hit the zoo.  The Lions, as you can see, were not all that interes