Sunday, October 20, 2013

Moving down the road!!

Well I have missed a few posts that I have been wanting to make.  I have been relocating Casa de Tronster.  Not a real big move, just 6 miles down the road.  But what a hassle it can be.

Sunshine and I are downsizing from a 3200 square foot home to a 1300 square foot home.  This means I have a lot of "stuff" to go through and find a way to store it.  We decided to get a storage unit.  This unit is now 80% full.  We have moved about 90% of our stuff and the new place is almost a home.  We have a couple of more things to unpack, but it is moving along well.

A couple of things I learned moving:

1.  First in last out.

When you load truck for moving, the first thing on the truck is the last thing out of the truck.  You may think this is common sense.  I have moved a few times and I normally remember this particular rule of physics.  I wanted to share this with you.  So if there is something going into the front room of a place you are moving into, make it one of the last things you pick up.

2.  A bigger truck is not always easier

This time, I elected to go with a smaller truck.  Make sure it has a ramp before you leave the rental store.  Ours did not have a ramp, not that big of a deal for what I wanted to do.  I know I have to pay milage of the vehicle, but It was only a six mile move, so we went with the smaller truck to make more trips.  I packed each room into the truck separately.  This allowed me to unload the truck for each room.  Starting with the room the furthest from the door.  The smaller truck was also able to navigate around the tight parking lots and drives I had to go through.

3.  Everything in a box, every box should close

It is difficult to stack stuff on round items.  When using a smaller truck, there is only so much floor space to work with.  So you should have boxes you can stack.  To stack boxes the boxes need to close.  If you are working on a tight budget, you may not be able to buy boxes.  So when you go to get boxes from friends and family, ask for boxes with lids and/or can be closed.

4. Big boxes are not always better

Big boxes are great to hold pillows.  Not so much for your collection of books.  Be careful not to make any one box so heavy it requires to men and boy to move.  Sheets may seem light, until you put thirteen sets into a large box and need to relocate the box.

5. Have a plan

When you beg your friends to assist with a move, and then waste their time, this not good stewardship of your friends time.  Have a plan.  Execute the plan. That way there is no question on what you are trying to accomplish while you have help.  If it will take longer than your friend has time, then have him assist with the items you need assistance.

These are some of the things that help me move.  I hope you this little bit of advice will help you too.  Have a great day.


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