Fall is here, Winter is coming!!

Blue Skies

This has been one year.  I would say it was a great year, but that would not be entirely accurate.  I have had some years that have been worse, but I have had many more that have been better.

As fall is here, i wanted to say how much I really like fall.  The weather is not to hot, and not to cold.  I was working at my house that I am selling, and took this picture.  The sky was so blue.  It was a little chilly out, but I didn't mind.  I stay bundled up in my fall clothes, and its isn't too cold to work.

Winter is coming, the bad thing about this time of year, is it is dark when I go to work and dark when I get home.  I do so enjoy the day time.

Here are 5 things I like about fall:

  1. Cool nights, and Warm days  (Should this count for two?)
  2. Football is here, all though my teams are not doing well, I like football.
  3. Christmas is just around the corner.  
  4. Thanksgiving.  I love food, and thanksgiving always has food.
  5. It is easier to cuddle with my sunshine. 

What are some of the things you like about fall?


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