Saturday, November 16, 2013

November 2013 Quick Hits

This November has been one heck of month in life and times of Tronster.  Last month, our leaders shut down the government for a couple of weeks, throwing a monkey wrench in my plans.  This month, I have been transferred to a new company and I moved to another location. The shutdown has affected the selling of my old house and now I still have it, and I wanted sold by now.

Moving forward, we had an election here in VA, I am sure if you live in the USA, you have heard about this election.  It was all over the news.  It ruined TV for two weeks, as the ads on TV were terrible.  But that is over now, and our taxes are sure to rise in the next few years.  Oh well.  

The short time between Thanksgiving and Christmas apparently is a different this year.  Which would explain why ever since Halloween there has been Christmas stuff at the stores.  

I must say, the announcement by many retailers to open up on Thanksgiving is disappointing to me.  Why not leave this time of year alone. Again I think it has to do with Calendar. Retailers want to separate people from their hard earned money for a couple of extra hours this year.

I was never a fan of the “Black Friday” rush, just because I do not like being around that many people, but I do understand why people like the idea.

Everyone Be safe out there and have a great a time.

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