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Holiday Travels

We all do it at some point in our lives.  We travel to see love ones or friends during the holiday seasons.  This past holiday season of Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years was the grandaddy of all holiday road trips for the Tronster family.  Many family events led to this particular road trip, and sadley some of those events have not completly worked themselves out.  The 1100 mile road trip you see in the picture was completed by my family no less than 4 times since the Thanksgiving weekend.  To add a little more detail, I was working a ten or eleven hour shift prior to each of the departure dates for this loop. These little road trips may be exhausting at times , but seeing family and friends make the trips worth while.  I was able to see my young grandson at Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years.  Circumstances and pressure lead me to visit Wal-mart the day after Christmas in three states.  How many can truly say that?  I can.  I saw my cousin, who could very well may pl