Saturday, February 22, 2014

Having a day off is great!

I have a pretty cool work schedule right now.  I get a day off in the middle of the week.  This schedule is very handy when there are things to be done.  Such as a doctor's appointment, a trip to the dentist, or having to deal with any goverment office.  They are hardly every closed on a Wednesday.

Well here in Northern Virginia, around Casa de Tronster, we have had one heck of a winter.  As I have had to pay the power bills, I know.  This past day off was spent recovering from a cold.  this thing just creeped up on me out of nowhere.  So when my day off in the middle of the week came, I took to recovery mode.  Medicating and sleeping always helps through the battle.

Well now I am feeling better and it is time to get back to the Blogosphere.  That way I can share my adventures and thoughts with all of you.  I have lots of great ideas for the blog, but just do not know if I want to venture out to some more polarizing subjects or not.  

The next A to Z challenge is coming in April.  I hope to meet more of you out there and find some great reading.  I will also work to improve my blog for greater user experience. 

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