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XYZ- The A to Z Challenge

We have reached the end of another Blogging Challenge. I have am coming to you live from the slacker desk here at

It has been a busy month in the house of Tronster.  But things are looking up.  The month has come to an end, my blog has changed and there will be many posts in the future.

X- marks the spot.  Here on the Internet, this is my mark.

Y- could be anything, but Y is it so hard to get motivated sometimes.  Many reasons present themselves for such contemplation, but this year was more difficult than the last two I have participated in.  I think it is because I did not have a plan.

"Z" marks the end of the 2014 Challenge.  I will follow many of the new blogs I have found.  I will most likely not write a wrap up post, because I so poorly participated this year.
I am already looking forward to next year.  
Keep on blogging


Well thats Fantastic

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot has a popular meaning that I do not like.  I prefer the Well thats fantastic.

I first heard this from a friend of mine that saw this posted on a facebook posting.  I could not stop laughing.  A friend had just been given an award of some sort, and her mom was so proud.  She posted "WTF" I am so proud of you.

The award winner's other friends could not believe what her mother had said.  After about 10 or so comments her mom defined the "WTF" as Well thats Fantastic.

I think we should adopt that as the new meaning of WTF.  Lets encourage its use for all to see.


Velocity is defined as the speed of something in a given direction.  Or basically Speed.

The challenge has been moving along at a great velocity.  We are almost to the end and we keep moving on.

Today I wanted to post something about what I think about the velocity of life.  I have completed my first 40 years, and it seems like only yesterday I was graduating high school.  Lets hope the next 40 years are the same way.  High Speed low drag.

I did not mention momentum on the "M" post, but should have.  Be we have momentum going into the closing days of the challenge and we want to keep it up.


The A to Z Challenge is moving forward.  If you are here because of the challenge let me know.  I spend about 20 min to an hour a day visiting the different blogs on the challenge.

Today's post I am going to discuss unexpected results.  I have a link in my Chrome browser to the A to Z challenge sign up.  Actually it is from the 2012 signup.  Something I discovered today while catching up on my challenge visits.

I found a couple of Blogs that I enjoyed reading that were not in this years challenge.  I can imagine when the authors find the comments I left, they will wonder when they signed up for the challenge.

Regardless, I posted yesterday my absence from the challenge because of commitments I made to non-internet friendly geographic areas.  I am back now and moving on with the challenge.

I hope you have found some unexpected jewels to keep up with during the challenge this year.


Oh me!! Oh My!!

How can one forget the letter "S".  This past week of posts have been completed ahead of time due to some shenanigans.  Yes, I said it, shenanigans.  I had some previous engagements that kept me away from the Internet.  Would you would think, with my level of education and ability to read a calendar, I would not skip such a letter as the letter "S". However, it happened.  Has it ever happened to you?

Regardless, the time spent with family on a good road trip was worth the missing of a letter.

Could you imagine not have a letter in the alphabet?  I don't think I would remove the letter "S".  Maybe Q or X, those guys are worthless.  But "S".  No way.  How could you have more than one car with the "S"?  I have many car?  Does not sound right.  Then it would be like the animal deer.  I see a deer.  The field is full of deer.

So lets keep the letter "S" and I will try not to remove any more from our great al…

"T" is for Tagalog

Tagalog?  Is that a real word?  As a matter of fact it is a Language.  One that I am only aware of because of my loving wife.  You see, she is Pinoy.  (From the Philippines)

I do not speak Tagalog, however, I am trying to pick it up so I can listen to her brag on me to her friends.  I have learned the important words every husband knows.

Hintay--Wait.  (I hear the word as 'hen-day')

Backit-  Why?  (I hear the ward as 'bucket')

dali--Hurry  (I hear the word as DahhhLeee)

You all have a great day.


It seems to me sometimes, there is no appreciation for reverence any more.  The last time I went to the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Arlington Cemetery, the lack of reverence was on display.

This is a quite place, and the soldiers that guard the tomb, are extremely special.  Day and Night, rain or shine, they are present.  Showing the respect for their fellow soldier that has died on the battlefield.

Lets remember where we are and give the proper reverence when it is due.

If you are every in DC, this is a great stop over.  The Arlington Cemetery and the changing of the guard at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.


The end of this month marks the end of the first quarter of 2014.  How has it ben going for you?  Some challenges, and I am not referring to the great A to Z Challenge, have already presented themselves to the soft and fluffy author of

Did you make a New Year's resolution?  Did it survive the first quarter of the year?

I once watched a football movie, Any Given Sunday, where the coach was talking to the team.  He explained the game is full of inches.  The game also has quarters.  For us in the United States, we get a Half Time for July 4th.  Kids get Summer Break. (Hopefully teachers do too).

As the first quarter of 2014 comes to a close, and the last week of the challenge is approaching, I hope to carry on with the Blog and read more of the blogs that have been a part of the A to Z Challenge.  Wach year I find new ones to follow and follow them until they seem to give up.  Let us not give up.  The game of football has four quarters, and the teams that plays all fo…


Yes as a blogger on Blogger, there is the button "Publish" in the top corner of the data entry page.  There are some other "P" words I could have chosen that would appropriately fit into the A to Z Challenge pages.  Like "Procrastinate" or "Postpone".  However, I know many of the "participants" don't do either.

Regardless, not able to hire a full time tech-writer or editor for my page has created several of published posts to resemble the work of 6th grader on prozac.

I am a horrible speller and I use this blog to improve my typing and writing skills.  Not necessarily to improve my story telling abilities.  I also enjoy the notion that total strangers read what I have to say, and occasionally let me know what they think.  I do mean occasionally.

However, I have been keeping up this blog for many years and I do not see slowing down anytime soon.

So go out there, live on the edge and press the publish button.

Enjoy your A to Z Cha…

"O" Overnight Trip

Living in Northern VA, many places are a day to a day and half away.  My wife and I both work full time and some of our greatest adventures are short ones.  A couple of weeks back we took an overnight trip to Stamford CT.  The trip was a joyous occasion for one of our friends.  They were baptizing their baby girl.

This trip included included a one night stay in a Hotel.  Hence "overnight".  We packed a lot of fellowship in this short amount of time.  We were able to catch up with some folks we had not seen in years and I was able to meet more people.  People watching is another hobby of mine.

Stamford CT is close to Greenwich CT.  Apparently the great Paul Newman lived there at one time.  We enjoyed two local eateries.  Both of which are famous for Pizza.  I learned the WWF headquarters are in Stamford.  Don't judge me, I just would not have guessed this was where it all started.

Take a moment and consider where you live.  Is there a place where you could take an overn…

"N"-Nobody is home!!

Growing up in the 80s, I can recall the tape recorder answering machines.  Not that my family was poor, we just did not get one.  A couple of days ago, sitting in the office, I recalled the tape recordings you could be for your answering machine.  Essentially some one had recorded a bunch of songs to famous, or recognizable, music.  And My favorite was "Nobody is home, Nobody is home!!"  (I was typing that in a low voice"

Do recall these little gems?   Did you have one of these recordings?  I use to record the message like I answered the phone.  I would give my customary greeting, pause (for effect) and announce I was not there.  Always funny to get a message half way through someone speaking.

To this day, I do not like leaving messages on voice mail.


Many of you are naming our favorite tunes from different time periods to mark your A to Z challenge.  I think that is a great theme to pursue.

I thought I would list some of my favorite music.  Since last night I was in a conversation with some young folks and I was learning some of the music they like.  The mentioned Fleetwood Mac. I agreed, they mentioned the Beattles. Which I can give credit too, however, I am not a fan.  Then they listed another group which has been inducted to the Hall of Fame, which I thought was horrible.  These are all opinions.  Which every knows is like arm pits. Everyone has a couple.

Well my iPod/iPad/iPhone has music that ranges from "You gotta hear this" to "Don't Judge me".

1. Nickleback
2. Led Zeppelin
3. Aerosmith
4. Clint Black
5. Alan Jackson

These are just a few off the top of my head.  I also like a few of Sir Mix-a-Lot, Bullethead, Poison, and The Judds.

Again, don't judge me.  What is your favorite music?  Now if it…

"L"- Living Well

You might think this is a post about health.  Well, you might be right.  I think everyone tries to live well.  Most things I have read on the Internet say living well is a game of moderations.  If you moderately eat food that is bad for you, it will only moderately effect your health.

Well here are some rules I live by for Living Well.

1.  Keep a happy spouse. (In my case wife)  The old adage of keep a happy wife is the secret to a happy life.

2.  You will never finish until you start.  To complete your dreams, bucket list, or long trip.  You will never finish those things until you start those things.

3.  Keep in touch with your friends and family.  These are the folks that will help you in your hard times.  They will enjoy your company and are always glad to hear from you.

4.  Leave home at home and work at work.  This may seem simple.  Many times it is not.  You could have a great thing going and then something weird happens at work and all of sudden your family is to blame. How d…

"K"--Killing Time

We all do it.  We find ourselves in a position where we arrive early to am appointment.  We wait on our significant other to finish some task or appointment they could have done alone, but wanted our company.  We are waiting for a phone call, or the "four hour window" for the cable guy.  We have to kill time.

What does Tronster do?  Well I play on my iPhone.  I have a couple of time killer apps.  Here are the ones I use the most.

1.  Bejeweled Blitz.--A 1 minute game of Bejeweled
2.  7 Little Words-- A word game takes about 3 to 7 minutes
3. FlipBoard--If you do not have this app, really check it out.

What do you do to kill time?

"J"--I wish I had a theme

Today's post is brought to you by the Letter "J".  Today is one of those days I wish I had settled on a theme, however I did not and most concentrate real hard to come up with a great topic.  You see the secret to a success blog, or radio program, or TV Program, is content.  This year's A to Z has some great writers and some great content.

Last year I was doing some travel bits, and it was easier, this year, I was not so prepared.

So today I think I will discuss, Junk in the Trunk.

Seems like a subject that could be fun.

This is not an Adult Content site, so its not THAT.

Many people keep a few things in the trunk.  On any given day, can you name five things you keep in the trunk?  Here is a list of my Junk in The Trunk.

1. Large Umbrella
2. Tool Bag
3. Picnic Blanket
4. flashlight
5. Blanket and pillows in plastic bag.  (For wife of tronster on long trips)

Do you have 5 or more things in your trick?  Leave a comment with what they might be



Enough Said


Last year my theme was places I have traveled.  The list is fairly long.  I am a veteran of the US Navy, and I completed two Mediterranean Cruises while serving.  In addition, I had a great job traveling all over the world for a a few years.  To top it all off, I married a person who loves to travel.  Everything from weekend road trips to week long cruises.

Sometimes, we look for, lets inexpensive, accommodations while on these said trips.  Other times my job paid for the sleeping quarters.  Now I wanted to list some of my favorite hotels that I have stayed in throughout the world.

5.  The Doubletree hotel in Charlotte NC.  Not because it was a super nice hotel or a 5 star place.  Because I was upgraded to a 2 room suite because the rest of the hotel was under construction.  I also learned that if you have ever forgotten your cell phone charger, you should ask the front desk.  People leave them in the rooms all the time.

4.  Kempinsky Lufthansa Center, Beijing.  Nice place.  Very fri…

"G" Go TIme

The A to Z Challenge is rolling on, and its now Go Time!!

We are getting into the meat for the challenge.  Many of the participants are doing a great job, and moving forward.  I want to talk about Go Time.

You may think I am just referring to the challenge, however, I am not. (big surprise right)

Wife of Tronster and I really enjoy road trips.  We decide a couple of weeks in advance, and then we prepare, and then we go.  We also do a lot of traveling around the area for different activities.  Such as going to the movies, or visiting friends for cookouts and other local events.  I am sure there are many men who will agree with me for the following statements.  When I look at where we have to go, I think about the time to travel to be there about 15 minutes early.  Time to find parking, get a seat, or talk to the host.  It takes me about 30 minutes to prepare for any departure.  Now, when I am ready to go, I am ready to go.  I ask wife of Tronster, Are your ready?  She will say "I…

"F" Family Friends and Fun

Today for the A to Z, I am going to talk about Family Friends and Fun.  Sometime, all three words cannot be used together.  Many people dread going to visit family, and always want to hang out with friends.  I, personally do not understand this particular phenomenon.

I understand, you cannot pick your family, and you may not always agree with them, but they can be loads of entertainment.  The little quirks each of our relatives have will one day be precious memories.  Now many participating in the A to Z challenge give great accolades to their family members.  Many of the writers out on the Interweb give thanks to their family.  I believe this is a great forum.

My family is "special".  Things today are not what they were when I was growing up.  My father has overcome alcoholism and became a pastor.   Talk about a change.  I have married a Filipino.  Talk about a change.  No matter what side of the family I am with, I always seem to have fun.

This past weekend, my family (T…

"E" everyone is welcome here at

I have mentioned it before, I just want to say it again.  I really enjoy the A to Z Challenge.  One of the reasons is everyone is welcome.  Even the Adult content folks, they are required to enter "Adult Content" which seems perfectly fair.  All others are welcome as well.

I wanted to let everyone know, although you and I may disagree on something, you are always welcome to stop by and say hello, check out my posts, or just surf by is fine for me too.  I haven't picked a real theme for this year, and I am struggling this first week.  However, I will get better and provide plenty of great discussions in the days that remain in the challenge.

Kick back, take a look at some of my older posts.  Let me know what you think.  Enjoy the hoping around checking out different blogs.  I know that is one of the great things about the challenge, is you get to see what others are thinking and possibly find some great advice.

Have a great weekend and enjoy your one day off.  I will see…

"D" Lets all go to the Dentist

I have a pretty cool dentist.  I think they are unfairly treated with fear from the common public and wanted to throw out a kudos for mine. Although, until he agrees to advertise on my little slice of the Interweb, I am not going to mention his name.

Boys and Girls, it is important that you take care of your choppers, or you might be in for a big surprise one day.  I was awaken, I did not wake up feeling relaxed, but was awaken by the pain of a tooth falling apart.  I really mean falling apart.  I did not like going to the dentist, because it is always a painful experience.  Then a friend told me about my current dentist and I went to see him.  He cleaned me up and fixed the pain.  (By fixing, I mean extracting) and now all is good and I visit him every six months to check out all the new stuff I paid for in his office.
Just a little reminder of taking care of yourself and finding a decent dentist.  Can you imagine the things they find in mouths that come through the office.  (Yuck)

"C" Climbing the corporate ladder

As a professional contract person, I have been trying for the last couple of years to make it into a company that will allow me to stay with them beyond the contract I was hired against. Well, so far that has not been a successful journey for me.  I am now with my 6th company in 7 years.  It has proven to be difficult to get hired onto overhead.

There are always challenges to face when working for a living.  This is one of mine.  Maybe I can start my own company, and then just live job to job.  According to this blog, I could be a successful writer.  (Okay maybe not).  Maybe a political commentator.  Although there seems to be enough of those on the boob tube already.

I will keep trying, and exploring my options.  If you have any ideas, let me know.

This is a pre-recorded post for the A to Z challenge.  Challenge yourself and join in.  I think there are a couple of more days.  I will be visiting as many of the 2000+ blogs as possible, but the rest of this week looks busy.  I am takin…

"B" Guess this is Blogging

Yes ladies and gentlemen, children of all ages.  The "B" for the challenge is blogging.  As most of the blogs that enter this contest seem to support each other, I want to thank everyone for participating.  I have been a part of the challenge for 2 years, this being my 3rd and I enjoy so much.  The first year was funny, it seems that was the only time I would keep up with my blog.  Then there was last year, when I played around with the settings a little bit, changed the layout and blogged a little more.

I have had this blog for several years, and since getting married to someone who doesn't surf the web for interesting reads, I have slacked off on the blogging.  In addition, I have had some professional challenges that required my undivided attention for large amounts of time therefore the blog has suffered.  However, I have not let the name of die, and I will continue.

Here is a list of (5) blogs I keep up with after the challenge last year.

A Passion and…

A is for Automobiles

I think this year I will be working on different lists for the entire month.  Those will include bucket list completions and other goals I have had through out life.  If you have a comment, addition, or anything else to say about the lists, drop me a note.

I will continue to search the Blogger participating in the A to Z Challenge this year and look forward to all the fun that will be had this month.

So without further delay, lets get started.

Today I am going to list all the Automobiles I have had throughout my life.

 We had the short wheelbase

1985 Fairmont Wagon (first car, although it belonged to my parents)1992 Ford Ranger1993 Ford Mustang GT (Favorite car)2004 Subaru Baja2005 Ford F1502006 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited2007 Subaru Forester XT2010 Acura RDX (nicest car)2005 Lincoln LS2000 Ford Ranger (still have this one)2014 Ford Fusion
This is a list of my Automobiles.  
I still have the 2010 Acura RDX, 2014 Ford Fusion and 2000 Ford Ranger.
What was your favorite Automobile?