Monday, April 14, 2014

"L"- Living Well

You might think this is a post about health.  Well, you might be right.  I think everyone tries to live well.  Most things I have read on the Internet say living well is a game of moderations.  If you moderately eat food that is bad for you, it will only moderately effect your health.

Well here are some rules I live by for Living Well.

1.  Keep a happy spouse. (In my case wife)  The old adage of keep a happy wife is the secret to a happy life.

2.  You will never finish until you start.  To complete your dreams, bucket list, or long trip.  You will never finish those things until you start those things.

3.  Keep in touch with your friends and family.  These are the folks that will help you in your hard times.  They will enjoy your company and are always glad to hear from you.

4.  Leave home at home and work at work.  This may seem simple.  Many times it is not.  You could have a great thing going and then something weird happens at work and all of sudden your family is to blame. How does this happen?

5.  Be happy with what you have, and strive for what you want.

Do you have any advice for others to Live Well?

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