Thursday, April 17, 2014

"O" Overnight Trip

Living in Northern VA, many places are a day to a day and half away.  My wife and I both work full time and some of our greatest adventures are short ones.  A couple of weeks back we took an overnight trip to Stamford CT.  The trip was a joyous occasion for one of our friends.  They were baptizing their baby girl.

This trip included included a one night stay in a Hotel.  Hence "overnight".  We packed a lot of fellowship in this short amount of time.  We were able to catch up with some folks we had not seen in years and I was able to meet more people.  People watching is another hobby of mine.

Stamford CT is close to Greenwich CT.  Apparently the great Paul Newman lived there at one time.  We enjoyed two local eateries.  Both of which are famous for Pizza.  I learned the WWF headquarters are in Stamford.  Don't judge me, I just would not have guessed this was where it all started.

Take a moment and consider where you live.  Is there a place where you could take an overnight trip?  Let me know some of your favorite overnight trips.

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