Friday, April 18, 2014


Yes as a blogger on Blogger, there is the button "Publish" in the top corner of the data entry page.  There are some other "P" words I could have chosen that would appropriately fit into the A to Z Challenge pages.  Like "Procrastinate" or "Postpone".  However, I know many of the "participants" don't do either.

Regardless, not able to hire a full time tech-writer or editor for my page has created several of published posts to resemble the work of 6th grader on prozac.

I am a horrible speller and I use this blog to improve my typing and writing skills.  Not necessarily to improve my story telling abilities.  I also enjoy the notion that total strangers read what I have to say, and occasionally let me know what they think.  I do mean occasionally.

However, I have been keeping up this blog for many years and I do not see slowing down anytime soon.

So go out there, live on the edge and press the publish button.

Enjoy your A to Z Challenge writing.

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Rob Z Tobor said...

Good luck with the A to Z . . . . . I too cant spell (or type) and rely on my faithful old PC to save me from writing gibberish.

Rob Z Tobor

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