Wednesday, April 23, 2014


Oh me!! Oh My!!

How can one forget the letter "S".  This past week of posts have been completed ahead of time due to some shenanigans.  Yes, I said it, shenanigans.  I had some previous engagements that kept me away from the Internet.  Would you would think, with my level of education and ability to read a calendar, I would not skip such a letter as the letter "S". However, it happened.  Has it ever happened to you?

Regardless, the time spent with family on a good road trip was worth the missing of a letter.

Could you imagine not have a letter in the alphabet?  I don't think I would remove the letter "S".  Maybe Q or X, those guys are worthless.  But "S".  No way.  How could you have more than one car with the "S"?  I have many car?  Does not sound right.  Then it would be like the animal deer.  I see a deer.  The field is full of deer.

So lets keep the letter "S" and I will try not to remove any more from our great alphabet.

Enjoy the Challenge and keep rolling on.

1 comment:

Bob Scotney said...

Must be something about S. I had drafted all my posts but had to be reminded to post 'S' by my daughter in America. Thanks for calling at my blog.

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