The A to Z Challenge is moving forward.  If you are here because of the challenge let me know.  I spend about 20 min to an hour a day visiting the different blogs on the challenge.

Today's post I am going to discuss unexpected results.  I have a link in my Chrome browser to the A to Z challenge sign up.  Actually it is from the 2012 signup.  Something I discovered today while catching up on my challenge visits.

I found a couple of Blogs that I enjoyed reading that were not in this years challenge.  I can imagine when the authors find the comments I left, they will wonder when they signed up for the challenge.

Regardless, I posted yesterday my absence from the challenge because of commitments I made to non-internet friendly geographic areas.  I am back now and moving on with the challenge.

I hope you have found some unexpected jewels to keep up with during the challenge this year.


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